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The Juan R. Fuentes Gallery is nestled in the heart of San Francisco’s Latino Cultural District at 2958 24th Street. The gallery showcases the work of established and emerging Latino artists as well as that of non-Latino artists whose work depicts the nuances of Latino life locally, nationally and internationally. The exterior wall features precisely scaled-down replicas of several Maya bas-relief masterpieces by artist Mike Ruiz. The gallery is surrounded by the vibrancy of Latino culture that has made this area world renowned and a popular tourist destination. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11AM – 5PM

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Current Exhibition

Typefaces: Caras de La Misión
June 3, 2017 – July 28, 2017
Curator/Artist: Samuel Rodríguez

Caras de La Misión, by South Bay-based visual artist and graphic designer Samuel Rodriguez, depicts the unique cultural landscape of the Mission District via observations of people, their distinctive features and their surrounding environment. The exhibit is part of an ongoing portrait series by Rodríguez titled “Typefaces,” which examines social and cultural hybridity through sampling and remixing visual cues that we use to process identity in faces, typography, fashion, and architecture.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Calle 24 Project
August 12, 2017 – September 29, 2017
Curators: Linda Wilson and Cindy DeLosa

Day of the Dead Alters (TBD Title) 
October 14, 2017 – November 25, 2017
Curator: Veronica Solis (and collaborating artists)

Acción Latina’s Winter Art Auction / Holiday Bazaar  
December 2-8, 2017
Curator: Acción Latina

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