Limited Edition “Photographic Time Capsule” of the Mission

We are very pleased to present A Photographic Time Capsule: 2013 – 2018, a limited edition book of photography curated by El Tecolote Photo Editor Mabel Jiménez to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Latino Life Photo Exhibition. This is a collection of images features some of the finest photos from the past year as well as highlights from previous years’ exhibitions. At only $15 it’s a steal. Purchase a piece of Mission history today, send checks to 2958 24th St. or email For more on the exhibit go to or come by and see it for yourself. Gallery hours are 11a.m. –  5p.m. Tuesday through Friday.

Statement from the curator:

The images we present in our newspaper are the result of a photo team that is part of the community it covers. It is what happens when we are empowered to tell our own stories our way … This is a visual time capsule of some of our best images from the five photo exhibits we’ve held and my favorites from my time as El tecolote’s photo editor the most rewarding personal experience of my life.

In love and resistance,

-Mabel Jiménez Hernández

Mabel plans to leave her post as photo editor at the end of August, and so this book also serves as a tribute to her tenure here over the past five years. We wish Jiménez all the best in her future endeavors.