El Templo del Tecolote

Friday, Oct. 13
6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Acción Latina
2958 24th Street, SF

Please join us in celebrating The Mission’s newest monument, El Templo del Tecolote, a tribute to the genius of indigenous art created by renown artist Mike Ruiz. Built to resemble pre-Colombian ruins, the piece includes a life-like Maya Corbel arch that frames replicas of ancient Maya Bas-Reliefs found in Mexico and Honduras.

The evening’s programming will include a community blessing, a special video presentation about the creation of the piece, a Q&A session, and an opportunity for people to write notes that will be archived inside the “temple” for future discovery. A reception inside the Juan R. Fuentes Gallery will follow, featuring sample moldings, hand-crafted pieces and art by Ruiz.

“I tried to be as accurate as possible with what the piece represents, and hope that it inspires the viewers to do further study of these wonderful cultures that have too often been ignored,” Ruiz said.

About Mike Ruiz
Mike Ruiz’s work is influenced not only by his background in design and illustration but also by his heritage and years of study of the ancient cultures of Latin America. For more than 25 years, Ruiz taught art and art history.