Street Theater / Screenprinting Workshop / Concert
Saturday August 5, 2017 • 6 p.m.
Acción Latina, 2958 24th Street, San Francisco

For August’s Mission Arts Performance Project, we’ve put together something different and what will likely be our best program yet! A triple event consisting of an exclusive performance of original theater production Who Is Kenneth Harding by playwrite Bianca Catalan, a special screenprinting workshop by Suavecita Press, and a live acoustic performance by The Genie.


About the theater performance
Sprung from the controversies surrounding the violence between officers and urban youth, Who is Kenneth Harding seeks to uncover our own biases towards the deaths happening in low-income communities. Bianca Catalan has worked in a number of artistic realms, and has written and performed productions through Brava! for Women in the Arts and elsewhere on both East and West Coasts.

About the screenprinting workshop
SF-based Suavecita press is a printmaking collective that empowers women of color to create art in a field scarcely recognized by the general public and dominated by men. Printmaking is the power to mass produce and communicate; it has enabled the production of literature, newspapers, posters, apparel and propaganda, and ignited revolutions. Suavecita Press aims to share this powerful medium with women who want to learn it.

About the concert
Genie Unplugged is an acoustic project by live looping innovator The Genie. It consists primarily of finger-style Spanish guitar interpolations of modern artists such as Radiohead, Bjork, Portishead, Sade, etc. Blending aspects of jazz and flamenco techniques Genie Unplugged brings forth sultry soulful reinterpretations to inspiring songs from iconic artists.