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Board of Directors

Katynka Martinez, Board President

Katynka Martinez is Associate Professor of Latina/Latino Studies at San Francisco State University where she teaches media studies and communication courses on topics such as film, television and journalism. She received her Ph.D. in communications from the University of California at San Diego and has published original research on topics such as Latina/Latino media representations, and the diverse ways in which youth use new media/technology. The students in her Latina/Latino Journalism class research the history of the U.S. Latino press and they also contribute articles, photography and artwork to El Tecolote newspaper.


Scott Weaver, Board Treasurer

Scott Weaver is a recently retired partner in the firm Wartelle, Weaver & Schreiber (West Bay Law), whose focus is primarily on tenant rights. He has also been active in many anti-gentrification efforts in San Francisco. He joined Acción Latina’s Board of Directors in 2004 and has remained there ever since. He is also on the Advisory Board for the Fund for the Environment and Urban Life.


Ana Montes, Board Secretary

Ana M. Montes is currently the Organizing Director at The Utility Reform Network. She worked for 12 years as the director of technology and consumer education at the Latino Issues Forum. She has created innovative models for bringing technology to low income and minority communities, developed community civic engagement in limited English-speaking communities and managed statewide consumer education projects geared towards Latino and Asian communities. A published poet, Montes has also worked as a teacher of La Raza Studies at San Francisco State University, and as an editor and columnist with El Tecolote.


Juan Gonzales, Board Member

Juan Gonzales is the founding editor of El Tecolote. He is department chair of journalism at City College of San Francisco where he teaches courses in news writing, feature writing and newspaper production. Gonzales also serves as adviser to the awarding-winning campus newspaper, The Guardsman, and the campus magazine, Etc. He is a member of the Journalism Association of Community Colleges, the San Francisco Newspaper Association, the Community Press Consortium, and New America Media. Gonzales received his master’s degree in mass communications from Stanford University.


Raul Martinez, Board Member

Raul Martinez grew up in the Mission District and still has strong ties to the community. He is a transit operator with San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Martinez grew up in the Mission District, was a youth trained through Horizons Unlimited, and worked in a Mission District human services agency for 30 years where he was first placed in a job by Horizons Unlimited. Martinez joined the Board in 2012.


Emilio Victorio Sanchez, Board Member

Emilio Victorio Sanchez has been part of the San Francisco landscape for the past 40 years. He arrived from Mexico City in 1976 after falling in love with San Francisco, but soon found himself going back to his Mexican-Latino roots. He’s been learning about the “Chicano” culture, Latin America and all that is Mexican. He has offered his help with various community organizations over the years as a bicultural and bilingual person with the intent to do everything he can for Latinos in America–from artists and writers to farm workers. In his own words: “My pride of my Mexican heritage has no boundaries and extends to all cultures of the world, making sure they learn about all the beauty in all things of Latin-America, from Mexico to the Patagonia.”



Josué Rojas – Executive Director, Acción Latina
email: jrojas@accionlatina.org

Josué Rojas became executive director at Acción Latina in early 2017. As an artist, educator and Mission native, Rojas brings to the organization more than 20 years of experience in fine arts, community arts, arts leadership, and bilingual and ethnic media in the San Francisco Bay Area. Throughout his many endeavors, his work and vision have been characterized by a commitment to San Francisco’s cherished values of community arts and media, civic engagement, social justice and empowerment for migrant communities and marginalized communities at large.


Fern Echevarria – Cultural Arts Manager, Acción Latina
email: fern@accionlatina.org

Fern Echevarria is the Cultural Arts Manager. She began interning El Tecolote in the Fall of 2014 as a bilingual news writer and translator. In the Fall of 2015 she graduated from San Francisco State University, where she received two B.A degrees in Latino/a Studies and Broadcast and Electronic Communications with an emphasis in News.


Alexis Terrazas – Editor-in-Chief, El Tecolote
email: editor@eltecolote.org

Alexis Terrazas took over as El Tecolote‘s editor-in-chief in June of 2014. A San Francisco native with extensive experience, both as a reporter and as an editor, he was awarded a Peninsula Press Club Herb Caen scholarship in 2006, before going on to study journalism at San Francisco State University. While at State he earned many journalism awards and did some writing for El Tecolote. He graduated in 2010 and began work for the San Francisco Examiner as a sports writer.


Mabel Jimenez – Ad Manager and Photo Editor, El Tecolote
email: mabel@eltecolote.org

Mabel Jimenez grew up in Tijuana, Mexico, where she studied Communication Sciences at Preparatoria Federal Lázaro Cárdenas. She obtained a B.A. in Journalism from San Francisco State University, specializing in photojournalism. Mabel has been collaborating with El Tecolote since 2008 as a writer, photographer, English and Spanish copyeditor before becoming its current photo editor. She has also worked for Mission Local and other nonprofit media organizations. She is a freelance photographer and translator.


Atticus Morris – Communications / Web Manager, Acción Latina
email: atticus@accionlatina.org

Atticus Morris began volunteering for El Tecolote in 2011, and became the English copyeditor later that year. He continued to work in that capacity until the summer of 2013 when he took over as web and social media manager. Morris also works as a researcher and copyeditor for the investigative reporting project Blood Hound Magazine, and he freelances as a copywriter/editor. He has studied audio engineering / recording sciences at Full Sail University and journalism at City College of San Francisco.


Jesus Varela – Performing Arts Manager, Acción Latina
email: jesus@accionlatina.org

Jesus Varela took on his role as performing arts manager in late 2015, co-producing the 2015 Encuentro del Canto Popular music festival. He has dedicated much of his career to the advancement of the arts and preservation of cultural heritage while also spearheading positive social change. Most recently he has focused on projects that highlight the unique character of the Latino Cultural District such as Paseo Artistico and the Mission Arts Performance Project He currently sits on the planning committees of Carnaval and the Cesar Chavez Day Parade.


Peter Ho – Business and Operations Manager, Acción Latina
email: peterho@accionlatina.org

A California native, Peter Ho began as a weekly volunteer with Acción Latina in 2010 before he became fundraising manager in 2014. Ho’s experience as a banker focusing on budgeting and money management, inform him in his current role as business and operations manager, which he has held since early 2017. Ho has also worked as ad manager for with City College of San Francisco’s newspaper, The Guardsman, while pursuing his degree in computer networking information and technology.



Linda G. Wilson – Photo Archivist, El Tecolote 

Linda G. Wilson has been the Photo Archivist at Acción Latina since 2005. She is a former gallery director for Intersection for the Arts and one of the co-founders of the Eye Photography Gallery Collective. Linda received her MFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute and her master’s in photography and art history from San Francisco State University. She has sat on the board of directors for many local arts organizations, including the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. She is a past member of the Art Institute’s Artists’ Committee, curating exhibits and helping to select artists to be given awards by the Art Institute.


Katie Beas – Spanish Copy Editor, El Tecolote
email: katie@eltecolote.org

Originally hailing from Jalisco, Mexico, Katie Beas has been the Spanish language copy editor for El Tecolote since 2012.


Johnny Garcia – Distribution Manager, El Tecolote

Johnny Garcia distributes 10,000 copies of El Tecolote every two weeks to various neighborhoods in San Francisco including the inner and outer Mission, Bernal Hill, the Tenderloin / Civic Center area, and to select parts of South City, Daly City and the East Bay.



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