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Photography Contest: Full Contest Rules

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An Invitation to a Photography Contest

What does Latino/a life in the Bay look like? Send us your amazing images of what it means to you–whether it be our delicious food, our art, our families, our celebrations and traditions, our protests and struggles, our people, our self-identity, or our politics. We’re looking for photographs that capture moments that are controversial and turbulent, carefree and joyful, all that makes the quilt of what Latino/a life in the Bay Area represents. We hope to capture the excitement, vibrancy and color of our Latino/a community.

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I. Contest Rules

1. Qualification for the participants: Bay Area residents of all ages.
This contest is open to beginner, as well as seasoned photographers.Our Categories are as follows:

Amateur/beginner category is divided by age.
3-11 years old: Children’s category
12-17 years old: Youth category
18-64 years old: Adult category
65+ years old: Senior category
Up-and-coming/Semi-professional Category (must be 18+ years old)

A beginner or amateur
is someone who may not generally call themselves a photographer, who does this primarily as a hobby, has no contracts or freelance work with major publications or agencies)
For the purposes of our contest, anyone under the age of 18 will be automatically placed in the Amateur category.

An up-and-coming/semi-professional
is not quite a professional but on their way. Perhaps their photos are often published on newspapers or exhibits as part of a photo internship or own personal projects. Perhaps they are in school for photography. Must make less than ¼ of your income from photographic activities.

Full-time/Professional Photographers:
Because we hope to encourage people in the beginning stages of their photographic exploration, we kindly request that professional or full-time photographers abstain from entering the contest. For the purposes of our contest, you may be a professional if you have a degree in photography, earn more than ¼ of your income from photographic activities, or are published on a regular basis on publications or exhibits.

If you are unsure or have any questions about what category you may fall into, please contact our photo editor at or 707.834.1662

2. Themes of Photos:

Any images that reflect the diversity of Latino/a Life in the Bay Area
(1) Traditions, rituals, celebrations
(2) Politics, controversy, protests
(3) People, characters, families
(4) Everyday life, people at work, at play, family
(5) Activities representing environmentally friendly concepts.

 3. Requirements of Photos:

(1) Photos shall highlight the theme of “Latino/a Life in the Bay”

(2) Photos must not be taken more than two years prior to the deadline date.

(3) Photos must have been taken by the participants themselves.
(4) Photos must not have been previously used for any commercial purposes
(5) Photos must be realistic and original (no computer-created works)

4. Participation:

(1) There is a $10 entry fee per contestant. Each contestant may submit a maximum of five photographs. Free of charge to contestants under 18.

(2) Captions: Photos should be submitted with titles, sites where the photos were taken, names of the photographed objects or events. Write your captions in a way that answers the following questions: Who? What? Why? When? Where?

5.  Format Requirements:

Only JPEG files are accepted. Photos must be at a resolution of 300dpi and file size of 11×14
Different proportions are also welcome, such as squares, just ensure that the shortest side of the image is no less than 11 inches. If you are unsure about the proportions of your image or how to change it, please contact our photo editor at mabel@eltecolote.orgor 707.834.1662

Please provide file names in a way that allows us to match them with your captions. If you do not know how to rename your file name, simply include the file name as the title before the caption of that photo on your entry form.

6. Ways to submit photos:

(a) Snail Mail: Include your check for $10 entry fee, your completed entry form,  and a CD with your photos to:
Photo Editor
2958 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
Please note “Photos Contest” on the envelope. We identify the date of
mailing as indicated by the postmark.

(b) E-mail: Send JPEG files, completed entry form (which can included in the body of the email or as an attachment) to We will request your payment of the entry fee via PayPal.

(c) Walk in: Stop by our offices at 2958 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110.  Pick up and fill out an entry form, drop off your entry fee and your CD with images.

7. Deadline of Submission: Thursday Nov 27, 2014

8. Return of Photos:
Photographers who submit their works through a CD and who wish to have their CDs returned, must enclose a self addressed, stamped envelope.
Winning photographers who would like to claim their unsold print after the closing of the exhibit, may do so between the dates of December 19 through January 19

9. Rights of the Organizing Committee and the Participants
⑴ The Organizing Committee has the right to use the photos submitted for
exhibitions and publications.
⑵ Any responsibility involving copyrights, portrait rights and the right of
reputation of the photos should be born by the photographer.

II. Evaluation
To encourage the participation of more photos in the contest, the Organizing
Committee will invite experts to constitute an evaluation panel. The judges will be drawn from past photographers and photo Editors of El Tecolote Newspaper.

III. Awards
– Winning photographs will be on display at the Eric Quezada Community Center from December 5 through December 19. There will be an opening reception on December 8.
– Photographs will be up for sale through a silent auction. 50% of the sales of photographs will go to the photographer, 50% will go to Accion Latina to offset the costs of organizing the contest and event.
– Surprise gifts will also be available from a variety of local photography businesses.
– Only winners will be notified via email and through a phone call

IV. Consult & Contact

Click to visit the Photo Contest Entry Form


Accion Latina: Photo Editor
2958 24th Street
San Francisco, CA
Tel: 707.834.1662
Contact persons: Mabel Jimenez, Photo Editor.