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Encuentro del Canto Popular

Since 1982, Acción Latina has sponsored a rich mix of musical events to showcase and highlight the work of musical performers inspired by progressive movements in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our cornerstone event is the Encuentro del Canto Popular, traditionally a 2-day music festival that incorporates music, dance and visual art into a celebration of social justice. Over the years, the festival has expanded to include other musical genres such as salsa, reggae, cumbia and hip-hop.

The Encuentro has always been and will continue to be an open door for those with talent and a desire to use their music to express consciousness of our social and political times. From homegrown to international musicians, to the artists who design the graphics around our annual themes, we believe that creativity should be used to spread messages of cultural awareness and positive social change, thus helping to create a better world through art.

“It (the Encuentro) has become a beloved institution that we look forward to each year for the music, the graphic art tradition, the solidarity, and the love.” – John Santos

“Encuentros like the ones Acción Latina organizes show us that despite the difference of rhythms, races and traditions, in reality we have more elements in common than those which separate us.” – Rennea Josefina Couttenye

We have historically also sponsored a free musical and education event—Festival de los Rehiletes Musicales (Festival of the Musical Pinwheels)—that brings children together with music art, fun and games. The bilingual event reaches out to Spanish-speaking families with educational workshops and games designed to teach children about Latino music and its indigenous, African and European influences.

“Festival de los Rehiletes Musicales has brought the magic that not only excites the children of the community but the parents as well. What better way to build a loving community! I am always mesmerized by the magic when I see the smiling faces on everyone and I me everyone!”

– Derique, Professional Clown