Roots of Carnaval:  40 years of Cultura in the Mission

Curators: Carnaval Committee

Artists: group*

Displayed May 5, 2018 – June 1, 2018

Since 1978, Carnaval has been more than a celebration, it’s been a space to reconnect with our African, Indigenous, and Mestizo roots. The stories, dances, and colors of our forefathers come to life in the parade and festival to celebrate our triumphs and struggles. Although our roots are spread throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, our cultures unite in our annual Carnaval tradition.

For the festival’s 40th anniversary, the Carnaval Committee  curated a special selection of images that perfectly captures the essence of the Mission’s most vibrant event.

*Exhibiting photographers:
*Lou Dematteis *Albins Peke Von Mayate *Amanda Nelson *David L. Gregory *David Yu *Doug Kaye *Jane Postiglione *Jayasimha Nuggehalli *Gordon Mak *Ken Osborn *Kyle Adler *Marco Sanchez *Michael Kirschner *Pankaj Bhargava *Raven Sky *Robert Werner *Swee Oh *Terry Scussel

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