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Current Exhibition:

“Ode to Our Barrio: A Tribute to the Mission District in Painting & Photography”

Mission-based emerging artists Natalie Alemán and Jasmin Cañas have teamed up to present a vibrant selection of paintings and photos featuring the people, places and flavors that define the Mission District’s unique cultura. Ode to our Barrio comprises cultural landscape paintings, portraits, photo vignettes, and observations of people, their distinctive features and their surrounding environment.

The exhibition focuses on each of the artists’ respective craft, with works that examine their Central American roots and include both past and present familiar neighborhood faces and architecture. In her portraits, virtuousa Jasmin Cañas paints all the nuances of a face-to-face encounter with a neighbor. With her photography, Natalie Alemán puts the viewer on the steps of a childhood stoop or in the passenger seat of a ‘57 Chevy. It’s a testament to the beautiful resiliency of the Mission and its people.

Curatorial Statement

Ode to Our Barrio is a document of and homage to the beauty that remains in the Mission District of San Francisco. This collection of works showcases paintings and photography by two Latina artists, who through their craft capture a broad spectrum of what they call home. Ode to Our Barrio is a creative statement about reclaiming space in a community that has been profoundly affected by gentrification.

About the Artists

Natalie Alemán
Natalie Alemán was born in San Francisco. She is devoted to her community, and takes pride in working collectively in a space where creativity is valued. It was in 2015, that Natalie was first inspired to pick up a film camera. Her curiosity in film photography throughout these years has now developed into a true passion. She currently photographs with both color and black and white 35mm film. In March 2018, Natalie’s work was included in the classic car-themed group exhibition, “Pumps in the Trunk” at RVCA in San Francisco as part of their Artist Network Program. Natalie strongly believes in the importance of preserving what belongs to her culture, community and city, and often uses her work to create awareness. Natalie continues to enjoy her photography journey and looks forward to growing her relationship with the analog world.

Jasmin Cañas
Jasmin Cañas is a self-taught visual artist from the Mission District. Working with a full spectrum of color and iridescent acrylic paints, she depicts images, inspired by her vibrant neighborhood, colorful family and inspirational travels. In 2014, Jasmin was commissioned to paint a large heart sculpture for the San Francisco General Hospital’s “Heroes and Hearts” foundation. This sculpture was later displayed at the AT&T Ballpark, at San Francisco’s Union Square, and the image was printed on limited edition Ghirardelli chocolate boxes. In 2016, she exhibited her collection “Matanzas,” which inspired by her travels to Cuba, in a privately owned gallery in San Francisco. In late 2017, Jasmin displayed her work in the group exhibition, “Housing,” which was held at the offices of CA Senator Scott Wiener. Jasmin continues to reside in San Francisco, and is passionate about furthering her education and artistic career.

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