The Volunteer Experience

We rely heavily on the work of volunteers to carry out our mission. Our volunteers get the chance to connect with an organization that is deeply rooted in the community, committed to values of social justice, and actively involved in the arts and media.  Find out more about how to get involved here.



unnamed“As an environmental advocate, I’m glad to be helping inform people about issues occurring in our community, especially issues that are not usually covered by the mainstream media.”

–Laura Gaurdia, San Francisco State University environmental studies major




Gustavo“I saw a bunch of copies of El Tecolote. And I thought, ‘This is the first bilingual newspaper I’ve ever seen.’ It took my attention and then I noticed that there were no cartoons, and [that the newspaper held] meetings. And I just came. I liked that it’s very people oriented. And I wanted to collaborate with this nice organization.”

–Gustavo Reyes, cartoonist El Tecolote



DRizoEl Tecolote serves to bridge the gap and provide a space for thoughtful discussion. I am proud to have my pictures published by such a powerful and honorable publication.”

–Dhoryan Rizo, photographer El Tecolote




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“I’ve learned so much and had the opportunity to work with amazing volunteers, staff and collaborators. I think that I will always find some way to work with Acción Latina because it’s such a great community organization.”

–Eva Martinez, Volunteer Processing Archivist, SF State Labor Archives and Research Center


Diana-K“Volunteering for El Tecolote has been such a positive and empowering experience, I have met so many wonderful mentors and gained many valuable skills as a photographer and a journalist. Hearing about their photo contest years ago was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.”

–Dianna K Arreola, photographer El Tecolote



Elisa Parrino“El Tecolote has been a very important chapter in my life. Personally, I have found good friends, professionally I’ve gained precious experience. I [feel fortunate that I] could document such an important historical moment in the history of San Francisco, on the front line, on the side of the working class.

–Elisa Parrino, photographer El Tecolote




“I greatly enjoy the opportunity to design [for] Acción Latina. This work lets me use my skills as an artist and graphic designer to communicate about things that matter to me. The tremendous amount of personal inspiration I get from the cultural activities makes me feel very fortunate to be a part of the Acción Latina family.” 

–Dana Flowerman, graphic designer



Alejandro Galicia“As a journalist it’s always rewarding to capture moments that can go on forever and still have a powerful impact. I think that’s what we all strive for in this business. Working for El Tecolote has been a doorway to that dream of mine.”

–Alejandro Galicia, photographer El Tecolote




Thanks to all volunteers who helped make our work possible in 2015:

Francisco X. Alarcon
Jose Aleman
Juan De Anda
Victor Hugo Arana

Jorge Argueta
RM Arrieta
Diana K. Arreola
Holly Ayala

Rosamunda Ayala
Karina Banuelos
Wendy Bardsley
Christopher Barrios

Colin Blake
Maria Bruun-Schmidt
Carlos Cabrera-Lomeli
Calla Camero

Chris Carlsson
Jocelyn Carranza
Rosa Castillo
Kyley Cerna

Antonio Chavez
Mitzi Chavez
Irais Chirino
David Chiu

René Colato Lainez
Rosa Contreras
Salvador Crespo
Brena Cruz

Mario Cruz
Lincoln Cushing
Sasha Cuttler
Berenice Taboada Díaz

Russell Diaz
Airha Dominguez
Beatriz Dominguez
Nathaniel Y. Downes

Jeffery Dukes
Fern Echevarria
Angelica Ekeke
Kyle Esguerra

Luis Estrada
J.B Evans
Alec Fernandes
Dana Flowerman

Paul Flowerman
Alex Garland
Juan Gonzales
Elvialuz Gonzalez

Manuel Eduardo Gonzalez
Amos Gregory
Laura Guardia
Jennifer Gudiel

Robert Gudiño
Adrian Guerrero
Jessa Gutierrez
Oscar Gutierrez

Alfonso Guzman
Nely Guzman
Camila Hernandez Flowerman
Emiliano Hernandez Flowerman

Francisco Herrera
Peter Ho
Raymond Holbert
Joel Angel Juárez

Jasmine Kavezade
Nigina Khamidova
Noura Khoury
Sebastian Kjær

Beth LaBerge
René Colato Lainez
Camilo Landau
Sandra Valmaña Lastres

Anh Lê
Chelis Lopez
Mayra Lopez
Berlin Macuixtle

Erasmo Martinez
Eva Martinez
Erica Márquez
Katynka Martinez

Raul Martinez
M.E. McGuirk
Yizel Medrano
María Antonieta Mejía

Santiago Mejía
Lexie Mendez
Shane Menez
Estivaly Moreno

Ross Mirkarimi
Ana Montes
Hannah Mullins
Nicholas Olivier

Manuel J. Orbegozo
Lulu Orozco
Ramses Orta
Edgar Pacheco

Luis Padilla
Elisa Parrino
Adrian Pintor
Wilson Purves

Monica Ramirez
Tim Redmond
Drago Rentería
Gustavo Reyes

Jorge Rivera
Dhoryan Rizo
Rick Rodrigues
Carmen Ruiz

Mike Ruiz
Sugey Salazar
Emilio Victorio Sanchez
Francisco Sanchez

Nina Serrano
Elizabeth Silva
Michelle Silva
Elisabetta Silvestro

Alicia Maria Siu
Bridgid Skiba
Hillary Smith
Jennifer Sotz

Eleni Stephanides
Mary Strope
Viji Sundaram
Harold Terezón

Alice Titus
Fernando A. Torres
S. Thollot
Armando Valdez

Edelita Valdez
Jenni Valle
Jennifer Valtierra
Jesus Varela

Lissette Vargas
Candelaria Villegas
Ernesto Viscarra
J. Scott Weaver

Linda Wilson
Olympia Zampathas
Alicia Zapata
Greg Zeman

Amanda Justine Zepeda

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