The Volunteer Experience

We rely heavily on the work of volunteers to carry out our mission. Our volunteers get the chance to connect with an organization that is deeply rooted in the community, committed to values of social justice, and actively involved in the arts and media.  Find out more about how to get involved here.



unnamed“As an environmental advocate, I’m glad to be helping inform people about issues occurring in our community, especially issues that are not usually covered by the mainstream media.”

–Laura Gaurdia, San Francisco State University environmental studies major




Gustavo“I saw a bunch of copies of El Tecolote. And I thought, ‘This is the first bilingual newspaper I’ve ever seen.’ It took my attention and then I noticed that there were no cartoons, and [that the newspaper held] meetings. And I just came. I liked that it’s very people oriented. And I wanted to collaborate with this nice organization.”

–Gustavo Reyes, cartoonist El Tecolote



DRizoEl Tecolote serves to bridge the gap and provide a space for thoughtful discussion. I am proud to have my pictures published by such a powerful and honorable publication.”

–Dhoryan Rizo, photographer El Tecolote




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“I’ve learned so much and had the opportunity to work with amazing volunteers, staff and collaborators. I think that I will always find some way to work with Acción Latina because it’s such a great community organization.”

–Eva Martinez, Volunteer Processing Archivist, SF State Labor Archives and Research Center





Diana-K“Volunteering for El Tecolote has been such a positive and empowering experience, I have met so many wonderful mentors and gained many valuable skills as a photographer and a journalist. Hearing about their photo contest years ago was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.”

–Dianna K Arreola, photographer El Tecolote



Elisa Parrino“El Tecolote has been a very important chapter in my life. Personally, I have found good friends, professionally I’ve gained precious experience. I [feel fortunate that I] could document such an important historical moment in the history of San Francisco, on the front line, on the side of the working class.

–Elisa Parrino, photographer El Tecolote




“I greatly enjoy the opportunity to design [for] Acción Latina. This work lets me use my skills as an artist and graphic designer to communicate about things that matter to me. The tremendous amount of personal inspiration I get from the cultural activities makes me feel very fortunate to be a part of the Acción Latina family.” 

–Dana Flowerman, graphic designer



Alejandro Galicia“As a journalist it’s always rewarding to capture moments that can go on forever and still have a powerful impact. I think that’s what we all strive for in this business. Working for El Tecolote has been a doorway to that dream of mine.”

–Alejandro Galicia, photographer El Tecolote




“In the few months I’ve been involved, I’ve been given the creative freedom to engage with the community I love in a brand new way and for that I’m thankful.”

– Gabriela Alemán, reporter El Tecolote




Thanks to all volunteers who help make our work possible:

Aaron Levy-Wolins • Adelyna Tirado • Adriana Camarena • Alejandro Galicia-Díaz • Allison Martinez • Alma Villegas • Alma Herrera • Anna Lisa Escobedo • Angelica Ekeke • Angelica Williams • Annice Jacoby • Anthony Holdsworth • Ariana Vazquez • Arianna Vargas • Arturo Ayala • Arturo Mendez • Bart Johnson • Berlin Macuixtle • Beth LaBerge • Brenna Cruz • Briane Fernandez Nuval • Bridgid Skiba • Brooke Anderson • Calixto Robles • Carlos Barón • Carmen Ruiz-Hernandez • Cassie Ordonio • Cece Carpio • Cecilia Ciccone • Chris Arreola • Chris Cuadrado • Chisto Oropeza • Daniel Valencia • David Chiu • Desiree Rios • Destiny Arroyo • Dhoryan Rizo • Drago Rentería • Eduardo Unisa • Ekevara Kitpowsong • Eleni Stephanides • Elizabeth Gonzalez • Elizabeth Silva • Elizabeth Veras Holland • Emma Marie Chiang • Emily Flores • Erica Marquez • Estivali Moreno • Eva Martinez • Fern Echevarria • Francisco Gutierrez • Francisco Orozco • Gabriela Alemán • Gabriella Angotti-Jones • Gardenia Zuniga-Haro • Gustavo Reyes • Hilda Ayala • Hugo Martinez • Ingrid Perez • Isaias Guzman • Ivette Diaz • Jakarta Kumasi-Nakuru • Janett Perez • Jaqueline García López • Jasmine Sanchez • Jay García • Jazmine Sanchez • Jessica Camacho • Jessica Webb • Jessica Quila • Jesus Varela • Joanna Ruckman • Joel Angel Juárez • John Sepulvedo • Johnny García • Jorge Ramos • Jose Luis Caicedo • Kanani Cortez • Karen Sanchez • Karissa Trujillo Segura • Katie Beas • Katynka Martinez • Kelsey Choy • Kevin Wong • Koji Ozawa • Linda Wilson • Lisette Winjen • Madeleine Bair • Marci Valdivieso • Maria Garcia-Hernandez • Maria Pinedo • Mario Lopez • Marisol Cabrera • Matt Gonzalez • Melissa Perez Winder • Mike Ruiz • Miguel Perez • Min Lee • Natalie Hopner • Natasha Dangond • Nestor Castillo • Paul Duginski • Paul Flores • Peter Ho • Raven Sanchez • Renalyn Ejada • Ricardo Ibarra • Rick Rodrigues • Rio Yañez • Rita McNeal • Ruby Flores • Santiago Mejia • Scot Tucker • Shane Menez • Sirron Norris • Steve Rhodes • Terrence Scott • Tiffany Sainz • Tommi Avicolli Mecca • Victoria Sanchez De Alba • Veronica Solis • Wayson Yuen • Wendy Li • Wilma Gandoy • Yessenia Pozo Coronel

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  • We are proud to bring you almasfronterizas this Saturday December
    2 weeks ago by accionlatinasf We are proud to bring you  @almasfronterizas  this Saturday December 1st for our annual encuentro del canto popular  @bravatheater .  @almasfronterizas  will be serving you guys that psychedelic Indigenous soul they are known for. We will be having a dope line up that you don’t want to miss from 8-10. Photography by Arvel Hernandez
  • This is the event schedule for paseo artstico leading all
    2 weeks ago by accionlatinasf This is the event schedule for paseo artístico leading all the way up to our big show of the night, encuentro del canto popular  @bravatheater  2781 24th st. From 8-10 this Saturday December 1st. . We will providing only the best sounds for this by .  @djleydisofcuba  .  @almasfronterizas  .  @nataliaalafavi  . And the legend John Santos! . This years encuentro will be FREE and you don’t want to miss out. . More information @
  • Repost paseoartistico with getrepost  J U S T A
    2 weeks ago by accionlatinasf  #Repost   @paseoartistico  with  @get_repost  ・・・ *J U S T A D D E D A Vision Boarding workshop with our very own Ms. Kisai Henriquez  @iasikhealingbrujx  of the Comm(UNITY) group! Don’t miss it! 3pm-5pm at Acción Latina 2958 24th sf ca. And, as always all of Paseo‘s workshops are completely FREE  #paseoartistico   @paseoartistico   @accionlatinasf   @iasikhealingbrujx 
  • djleydisofcuba will be blessing our stage with her turntables mixing
    2 weeks ago by accionlatinasf  @djleydisofcuba  will be blessing our stage with her turntables mixing up rumba, timba, and that Cuban hip-hop sound for our annual encuentro del canto popular. This year we will be bringing you this show for FREE! You don’t want to miss out. . December 1st  @bravatheater  2781 24th street San Francisco. From 8-10pm.
  • This Saturday December 1st there will be a Screen printing
    2 weeks ago by accionlatinasf This Saturday December 1st there will be a Screen printing work shop with Calixto Robles and Other guest  @accionlatinasf  from 3-5pm. . “His work, which is inspired by the myths and symbols of the ancient traditions of Mexico, has been exhibited in galleries in Mexico, America, and France. Robles has been a member of the Society of Printmakers of California since 1993 and has taught silk–screen at Mission Grafica since 1992.” . You don’t want to miss out on this workshop! .  #paseoartistico   #encuentrodelcantopopular   #encuentrodelcantopopular37   #EDCP37   #calixtorobles 
  • This Saturday December 1st from 1100100pm Paseo Artistico is partnering
    2 weeks ago by accionlatinasf This Saturday December 1st from 11:00-1:00pm Paseo Artistico is partnering with Precita Eyes to feature a tour and talk by local muralist Josue Rojas to discuss his “Enrique’s Journey” mural about immigration from Central America aboard the trains. . “Artist Josué Rojas is a practicing visual creator and an educator who relishes in learning and teaching the articulation of a potent human language – by using art as a response and celebration, not simply to life's inequities but to its bounty as well.” . This will a free event that you will now want to miss. .  #paseoartistico   #encuentrodelcantopopular   #encuentrodelcantopopular37 
  • Saturday Dec 1stWe are teaming up with paseoartistico to bring
    3 weeks ago by accionlatinasf Saturday, Dec. 1st—We are teaming up with  @paseoartistico  to bring you the 37th Annual Encuentro del Canto Popular, featuring the psychedelic Latin soul of Almas Fronterizas and Latin Jazz percussion legend John Santos. This year’s Encuentro will be an intimate concert at Brava Theater that is completely FREE to the public!  #encuentro   #paseoartistico   #johnsantos   #djleydis   #lafavi   #almasfronterizas 
  • Familia Please remember that Tickets to Encuentro Del Canto Popular
    2 weeks ago by accionlatinasf *Familia, Please remember that Tickets to Encuentro Del Canto Popular are entirely free. But you have to register via eventbrite. Link in bio
  • encuentrodelcantopopular37 is sold out but dont give up just yet
    2 weeks ago by accionlatinasf  #encuentrodelcantopopular37  is sold out but don’t give up just yet, we have a waitlist going. Just head Over to our bio click on the Eventbrite link and follow the prompt to get on the waitlist. Tomorrow is going to be An awesome show and you don’t want to miss out on the talent we have lined up for you!  @bravatheater  From 8-10! .  @almasfronterizas   @nataliaalafavi   @djleydisofcuba  and JOHN SANTOS. .