Thank you all for a great 2018

Dear friends,

My second year as executive director of Acción Latina has been transformational, both for myself and the organization. In 2018 we welcomed new members to our family and said goodbye to old friends as they moved on to new endeavors. We continued make a positive impact in our community by publishing the city’s best and oldest bilingual community newspaper, running a gallery focused on Latino art and artists and by collaborating with other community organizations to activate and sustain a thriving Latino Cultural Corridor. 

As we move forward into the new year, we hope you will stand with us. Your tax-deductible donations help us to continue our important work.


We aren’t just interested in soliciting your money though. We want to involve you in our work. We are a grass-roots, community organization which means we can’t do it without the help of our community. We are always looking for interns and volunteers, to write and translate for the newspaper, to staff our events and to assist with in our gallery and our other cultural arts programing.

Having said that, I would like to offer a warm thank you to all who volunteered their time in 2018 to help us carry out our mission to promote cultural arts, community media, and civic engagement as a way of building healthy and empowered Latino communities.

2018 volunteers presente: 

Allison Martinez *Coral Figueroa *Imelda Carrasco  *Monique Mosqueda *Valeria Olguin *Janeth Membrero *Alondra Correa Almanza *Arturo Gomez *Jessica Ramirez *Claudia Cortez *Dulce Salgado de Palmisano *Valentina Mantilla *Cristina Vergara *Cecilia Quintana *Sage Mace *Mayra Pedroza *Carlos Barón *Pamela Harris  *Robert Jalon *Jessika Karlsson *Madeleine Bair *Adriana Camarena *Eduardo da Silva *Vitta Oliveri *Luisa Restrepo *Mabel Jiménez *Chelis Lopez *Michael Middleton *Kelly Rodriguez Murillo *Gabriela Alemán *Alejandro Galicia Díaz  *Aaron Levy-Wolins *Arturo Mendez *Jasmine Diarte *Raven Sanchez *Hilda Ayala *Arturo Ayala *Katie Beas *Jose Luis Caicedo *Adriana Morga *Jacqueline López *Karlos Rene Ayala *Natasha Dangond *Constanza Hevia *Kyler Knox *René Alvarez  *Desiree Rios *Destiny Arroyo *Beth LaBerge *Adelyna Tirado *Jason Brown *John Carson *Russell Morse *J. Scott Weaver *Jocelyn Carranza *Emma Marie Chiang *Rodrigo Jardón Galeana *Emmely Benitez *Nestor Castillo *Kirk Stevenson *Ekevara Kitpowsong *Estivaly Moreno *Nestor Garcia *Yuri Ugarte *Kathryn Wren *Drago Renteria *Mark Jason Quines *Lara Kaur *Dane Pollock *Izzy Alvarez *George Eduardo Barahona *Julian Espinoza *Amanda Peterson *Natalie Alemán *Amarah Hernandez *Brianna Kalajian *Daniel Valencia *Cynthia Blanco *Alexandria Carabajal *Teresa Carrillo *Ama Cortes *Stephanie Diaz-Cornejo *Ian Firstenberg *Sadie Gribbon *Gabby Grijalva *Cris Jimenez *Miguel Lozano *Estaphany Monge *Pamela Alejandra Padilla *Henry Salazar *Emmanuel Tapia *Italo Tapia *Gustavo Reyes *Maria Garcia-Hernandez *Leslie Hicks  *George Khoury *Ella Ramrayka Rogers *Max Paik *Calindra Revier *Fernando A. Torres *Sirron Norris *Chris Carlsson *Tongo Eisen-Martin *LisaRuth Elliott *Sarah Lapidus *Lito Sandoval *Gino Abrajano *DeLara Armijo *Maria Burboa *Emmely Benitez *Lupe Cisneros *Francisca Icaza *Gardenia Zuniga-Haro *Jessica Sabogal *Robin Evans *Judy Goddess *Remigio Madrigal *Gabrielle Bojorquez *Jessica Delatorre *Eva Martinez *Marissa Perry

¡Adelante! ¡Y Gracias!

Josué Rojas
Executive Director

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  • Tonight backtothepicture in San Franciscosee art by Juan R Fuentes
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  • Los Siete Panel and Closing reception Its getting deep Thank
    4 days ago by accionlatinasf *Los Siete Panel and Closing reception. It’s getting deep. Thank you Luis Pul Pat, Adriana Camarena, Donna Amador, Nesbet, Roger Alvarado and Fernando Marti for an amazing, outstanding panel that spoke about police brutality then and now  #rememberlossiete 
  • A very special thanks to everyone who came to engage
    2 weeks ago by accionlatinasf *A very special thanks to everyone who came to engage in meaningful conversation about 50 years of gentrification at the Platica tonight at Acción Latina! Special shout out to our all star panel  #rememberlossiete   #accionlatina   #podersf   #galeriadelaraza   @poder .sf  @galeriadelaraza   @bravatheater   @yolandalopez8   @jacqui_sirenita   @pachucastyle 
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    2 days ago by accionlatinasf Posted  @withrepost  •  @paseoartistico  Happy Friday comunidad, we hope you’re having an amazing week! We want to again thank everyone that came out last Saturday to Paseo Artistico as well as share with you these amazing shots that were captured by  @bethlaberge ! • • ¡Feliz viernes comunidad, queremos agradecer nuevamente a todos los que vinieron el pasado sábado a Paseo Artistico. Queremos compartir con ustedes estas fotos increíbles que fueron capturadas por  @bethlaberge !
  • paseoartistico Another successful Paseo thanks to all the artists and
    2 days ago by accionlatinasf  @paseoartistico  Another successful Paseo thanks to all the artists, and those who came out! Don’t miss the next Paseo Artistico on June 8th: Pecha Kucha 2, named for the presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each. Pecha Kucha 2 is sure to be another wonderful event featuring the presentations of artists, accompanied by their works and other festivities!
  • Join Accin Latina for the opening reception of New Mestizx
    3 weeks ago by accionlatinasf Join Acción Latina for the opening reception of New Mestizx on May 24 & celebrate transcultural hybridity that explores what emerges when cultural identities, histories, and people intersect in the Bay Area. The works on view reflect the experience of twelve artists of Filipinx and Latinx heritage living in between worlds as they navigate their identity through the lens of New Mestizx, a term inspired by writer Gloria Anzaldúa. Through photography, mixed media, prints, paintings, textile, and audio installations, artists explore how gentrification, motherhood, transnational migration and intergenerational transmission of culture informs how they choose to remember or redefine traditions.
  • Join us at 6 PM on June 8 after paseoartistico
    2 days ago by accionlatinasf Join us at 6 PM on June 8 after  @paseoartistico  We’re hosting the third tribute night for Roque Dalton who was a Salvadoran Poet! Our MCs for the evening will be Maya Chinchilla and Norman Zelaya. Community discussion facilitated by Leticia Hernandez. Celebrating with dance, poetry, and food! See you at Accion Latina 2958 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110 Poster Art by  @josue
  • Accion Latinas newest intern Mr Ivan Hernandez with Executive Director
    4 weeks ago by accionlatinasf *Accion Latina’s newest intern Mr. Ivan Hernandez with Executive Director, Josué Rojas at today’s “Anything For Selena” cruise put together by the SF Lowrider Council. Ivan a brilliant photographer, artist and freshmen at SFSU, will be shooting photos for us (among other creative endeavors) and His internship is made possible via the JVS Jewish Vocational Services! Thank you JVS!  #missiondistrict   #anythingforselenas   #accionlatina 
  • Join Accin Latina on May 9th in the Juan R
    2 weeks ago by accionlatinasf Join Acción Latina on May 9th in the Juan R. Fuentes gallery for a finale celebration with Adriana Camarena, creator of “Unsettled in the Mission”: a series detailing the lives of immigrants.
  • 35 regional and international artists will be featured TONIGHT including
    3 weeks ago by accionlatinasf 35 regional and international artists will be featured TONIGHT including Accion Latina’s ED  @josue and Curatorial Council member for our Juan R. Fuentes Gallery  @orochristo  ! Nos vemos at the opening reception today at 6 pm at JCCSF.