Archival Collections

We have chronicled, promoted, and preserved evidence of Latinos’ cultural contributions to San Francisco for 45 years. Libros Latinos, which recently appraised our archives, described our role in this way:

“The history of Acción Latina and its newspaper, El Tecolote, comprises the history of the social struggles and artistic movements of San Francisco’s Mission District in particular, and of San Francisco in general, from 1970 to the present. No other existing archive contains the wealth of materials that helped precipitate, define, and describe those struggles and movements for almost half a century.”


El Tecolote newspaper collection (Aug. 1970–Present)

Our collection of El Tecolote newspapers, which spans four-and-half decades, is the centerpiece of our archive. Founded Latino students at San Francisco State’s Ethnic Studies Department, it is now the longest continuously published Spanish/English bilingual newspaper in California. The newspaper  continues to address regional, national and international issues affecting Latino communities in the Bay Area and beyond.

Collection of line art created for El Tecolote (1970s–2000s)

Artwork includes political cartoons on topics such as immigration and the civil wars in Central America. The centerpiece of this part of the archive consists of art of various sizes by Rupert Garcia, Ester Hernandez, Spain Rodriguez, Yolanda M. Lopez, Emmanuel Montoya, Herbert Siguenza, Juan R. Fuentes, Antonio Burciaga, Carlos Alcala, and Tirso Araiza. Many became acclaimed artists, representing the vanguard of the Chicano/Latino art movement in the Bay Area. The line art also includes signed and unsigned pieces by unknown artists.

Photography collection (1960s–Present)

The photography collection includes photos taken by staff photographers as well as images by other photographers given to Acción Latina or El Tecolote. Themes represented include United Farm Workers (UFW) organizing in the Mission District, Mission Coalition Organization mobilization, immigration reform efforts, police brutality, and unrest in Latin America.  Other photos depict historic or iconic buildings, sporting events, children, demonstrations, Latino theatrical and music events, and community activists and artists. For the first decade of El Tecolote’s publishing, the photographs are overwhelmingly black/white; in the 1980s, color prints become more common, with digital prints largely replacing film two decades later.

Poster Collection (1960s–Present)

This collection includes works commissioned by Acción Latina or El Tecolote to promote organizational events, as well as general posters collected over time. Unlike many of the collections of individual artists currently on offer to university libraries, these posters represent the social activism embodied by El Tecolote. Poster themes represent political and cultural issues such as support for the United Farm Workers, forced sterilization, the Cuban Revolution, Dia de los Muertos, the Coors Boycott, police brutality issues, and support for Latin American democratic movements.

New Mission News collection (Jan. 1982–Aug. 2004)

The archive includes approximately 197 hardcopy issues of the newspaper under its two titles—The North Mission News and The New Mission News—all in black and white except for two issues. Edited by Victor Miller, the monthly paper reported original stories from the Mission District. It includes columns by Mayors Willie Brown and Art Agnos. The New Mission News includes Tenant Times, a four-page insert, which is the newsletter of the San Francisco Tenants Union (three editions in 1986). OCLC lists four copies, two partial runs, and no digital copies.   

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    3 weeks ago by accionlatinasf Cuéntale a tu comadre, compadre y amigxs! ENCUENTRITOS ARE BACK at Acción Latina! We kick off our first session next Saturday August 10 from 5-8 PM featuring  @mayandynasty  and Pedro Rosales’ Afro-Peruvian rhythms. Nos vemos el próximo Sábado después de  @paseoartistico  en la Mission! ✨Design by  @lsiete7 
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    1 month ago by accionlatinasf It was Day 6 in San Antonio today (our Graduación) so this will be my last post of the IG takeover this week. What an amazing experience at NALAC’s Leadership Institute! Amigxs and lessons for a lifetime of conocimiento and an aventura for my mom who joined me this week to take care of my baby while I participated in a leadership workout with 30 other Latinx artists and art administrators from around the country including Puerto Rico. Plus an inspiring keynote address by Gonzalo Casals, the Director of the Leslie-Lohman Museum in Nueva York. Applications for next year’s 20th
  • This is still Ftima Ramrez reporting from San Antonio TX
    1 month ago by accionlatinasf This is still Fátima Ramírez reporting from San Antonio, TX. It’s Day 3 of my participation in NALAC’s Leadership Institute. Yesterday Dr. Tomas Ybarra-Frausto said, “Artists build what is not here,” and it got me thinking about the superpower artists have to advocate for ideas that create our imagined future. Like Evonne Gallardo said “Art in society is not the icing but the flour in the cake.” Artistic minds are valuable assets to solving our problems so not only is it worth it to advocate for the arts but it’s absolutely necessary to reshape our present and open doors for
  • Hola! Im Ftima the Cultural Arts Manager at Accin Latina
    1 month ago by accionlatinasf Hola! I’m Fátima, the Cultural Arts Manager at Acción Latina, and I will be taking over our IG account this week while I participate in the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (NALAC) Leadership Institute in San Antonio, Texas. I travelled here with my 15 month old son and my mom porque this is what being a working mom looks like for me and my familia. Shout out to the  #nalac  team and my Accion Latina family particularly  @josue and  @southwestairlines  for being so supportive and making our travel and accommodations possible! Today was Day 1 of our program,
  • This is Day 4 in San Antonio and we got
    1 month ago by accionlatinasf This is Day 4 in San Antonio and we got into the nitty gritty at NALAC’s Leadership Institute—fundraising, planning our artistic season, discussing the difference between a leader and a manager ( yup there’s a difference between initiating direction/change and maintaining systems and planning efforts). We also laughed, reflected and visited the McNay Museum particularly checking out their TransAmerica(n) exhibit celebrating transgender representation in art—this is what moving from artistic style to substance looks like.  #nalaqueros   #nli2019   #nalac   #latinoLeaders   #beyourselfeveryoneelseistaken   #hotchairsforrebelgirls 
  • Bueno today was Day 2 at the NALAC Leadership Institute
    1 month ago by accionlatinasf Bueno today was Day 2 at the NALAC Leadership Institute, and there are a lot of lessons I’m chewing on. Two questions posed by Dr. Maribel Álvarez for all cultural partners to consider is “What would our community lose if we weren’t doing what we do?” “What is worth winning?” As Dr. Tomas Ybarra-Frausto said, “Culture is the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.”  #NoLlegamosAyer  “NoNosVamosMañana  #HereToStayAndRiseUp   #nalaqueros   #LatinoNationTime   #NLI2019  Also muchas gracias  @centrogaleriaeva  for welcoming us and nourishing us with delicious food, art and community! Group photo by:  @annieysaldana 
  • Its Friday and Day 5 of the Institute! Cant believe
    1 month ago by accionlatinasf It’s Friday and Day 5 of the Institute! Can’t believe we graduate from the program tomorrow! My brain was stretched today with conversations on budgets, governance and language. I learned that budgets aren’t just numbers—they’re about the values we associate with our work. Might be obvious, but it felt like a moment because when you reframe it like this you question why we pay consultants more than community leaders who also facilitate and guide our work. We also visited the Say Si organization in San Antonio. Can I say “¡Guao!” What an amazing and beautiful place!  #Nalaqueros   #NLI2019   #LatinoNationTime   #equitableBudgets 
  • Thank you sfchronicledatebook for the light! We really appreciate the
    1 month ago by accionlatinasf Thank you  @sfchronicle_datebook  for the light! We really appreciate the profile on  @crazycrab415  which will run through August 23rd at Acción Latina’s Juan R. Fuentes Gallery, 2958 24th St. ❤️
  • Check out loudabadhombres at Encuentritos this Saturday from 58 PM
    2 weeks ago by accionlatinasf Check out  @louda .badhombres at Encuentritos this Saturday from 5-8 PM at Accion Latina. They’ll be performing along  @mayandynasty  and Pedro Rosales’s Afroperuvian band. See you there!
  • Last week to check out Livin for the City by
    2 days ago by accionlatinasf Last week to check out Livin’ for the City by father-son duo George Crampton and George Crampton-Glassanos at Accion Latina’s Juan R Fuentes Gallery. Don’t miss your chance to see our most art packed and vibrant show of the year! Closing reception is this Friday at 6 PM.